He Tries to Perform a Pirouette in a Pool to Impress the Girls, But Ends Up Making a Fool of Himself [VIDEO]

It will make you smile.Thousands of people on Facebook have not been able to stop laughing, after watching a viral video that shows a young man performing a pirouette to impress some girls who were in a pool; however, he ended up committing a ‘ blooper ‘ that turned him white with ridicule.

In the Facebook images you can see the friend of the protagonist make an extreme jump and in the air carry out a perfect pirouette that ended up in the pool. The girls in bikinis who were in the area were shocked to see that the bold man jumped over their bodies, but when it came the turn of the ‘fallen soldier’ ​​another was the story.

What happened? The protagonist of Facebook’s funny viral did not think about the consequences that would cause him to perform an extreme pirouette in the pool and received a hard lesson that would cost him to be nicknamed as the ‘ fallen soldier ‘.When trying to imitate his friend in the dangerous jump, he never imagined that he would slip and end up impacting his body against the girls in bikini.

The funny incident on Facebook has caused thousands of users do not skimp when it comes to mocking the shameful moment that he lived the protagonist of the story.”Poor man!”, “Boys do not try to do that at home”, “What a pain, even I felt it”, could be read on social networks.Likewise, other users did not hesitate to advise the young man to try other methods of conquest .”Definitely have to find another method to conquer women”, “Surely the boy has another talent to conquer women” were the comments that flooded social networks.

So far, the video of Facebook has collected more than 12 million views, over 730 thousand shared and 313 comments from users in Mexico, the United States and other users, who have not stopped mocking the sad outcome of the young person. Remember that to see our note , all you have to do is slide each photo to the left.

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