He Tricks Them With Ingenious Method To Get Them Into The Water (VIDEO)

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The moment when a young man used an unusual trick for a group of voracious tigers to get in the pool.

A wildlife caretaker shared a video that has caused great sensation on social networks. The man found a solution to bathe a group of  very eager tigers that feared the water. 

With the help of one of his companions in the zoo, the creator of this ingenious trick to get them to bathe the tigers, he managed to record the video that shows the moment when the huge cats enter their pool area on more than one occasion.

The video was recorded inside an enclosure in Mexico, where hundreds of tourists enter, every day, to meet the dangerous cats. The young man who was terrified of predators shared on  YouTube an unusual trick he invented to bathe them.

“This is the solution for people who work with these fearsome animals that do not like to be in water. It was one of the caregivers suffering, but this is over now, “it was read in the description that the worker placed Mexico in your account YouTube .

Apiece of raw meat was tied to a rope. The caretaker placed the food on the edge of the pool so that when they approached to grab the prey they would end up jumping into the water.

In this way, the man managed to get the wild creatures to bathe.


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Source: La Republica