He Throws This Animal Off His Boat Then Gets in Big Trouble

On May 10, 2019, a lawyer was on his boat with some buddies twenty miles out, enjoying the sea. Until he spotted a raccoon that somehow got aboard before they hit the water. He was shocked and totally angry at the little guy. After yelling at it to get off his boat and screaming “shoe!”, the raccoon fell of the side and into the water.

After the fact, the raccoon was presumed dead. The video then went viral and the lawyer was condemned on social media. The state launched an investigation and the lawyer got in big trouble for mistreating this poor little animal who never even did any harm or showed signs of attacking the man or his friends.

Now is the time for the lawyer’s apology and realization of his mean actions. No matter what kind of animal it is, we still share the planet with them and in a case like this they deserve to be treated fairly. The raccoon was left to drown in the middle of the ocean twenty miles out from shore. Just not right.

To see what events took place on this day, click the video down below!

Source: Liveleak