He Throws Bait In Swamp, Without Imagining That Strange Creature Would Appear [VIDEO]

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A viral video on Facebook that shows a young man throwing bait in a swamp, without imagining that a strange creature would appear.

Unexpected outcome. It just went viral on Facebook one video showing the precise moment when a young cast bait in a mysterious swamp , never imagining that appear one strange creature that gave him a tremendous shock. The chilling images became a trend in social networks , especially in Mexico, Spain and the United States and thousands of people were scared to see them. You saw it? We leave it here.

The exotic walk of a man through the swamp of Spain to photograph nature and the various species became a traumatic experience, since during his journey through the stagnant waters he saw a rare animal hidden among the garbage and in expectation of a dam ; However, the tourist never imagined that by throwing a bait, the creature would come out to reveal its true appearance.

The viral video of Facebook appreciated the wild moment when the man threw a leaf from the tree as if it were a piece of meat and immediately saw how the strange creature jumped out of the water showing the shapes of a baby fish called ‘ Sirulo ‘, a species known as the ‘swamp dump’ and can measure up to 6 meters long.

As a talented hunter, the fish ‘ Sirulo ‘ caught the blade with a single bite thinking that it was a succulent prey, but took an unpleasant surprise to realize that he had been deceived by the human. What happened? the swamp creature submerged into the depths of stagnant water and disappeared within seconds.

The viral video was shared on Facebook by the “Viral Press” page, which accumulated more than 200 thousand views, 500 shares and 250 comments. “Incredible, how the fish came out unexpectedly,” “unfortunately it was a cruel joke for the strange animal,” “I did not imagine the brutal attack,” users wrote on social networks .


Watch the viral video of Facebook:


Source: La Republica