He Throws A Piece Of Bait In A Water Pond And A Mysterious Fish Shows Its Head To Devour It [VIDEO]

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The video is viral on Facebook. A young man was terrified to run into a strange animal that emerged from a mysterious pool of water.

A video shared by a Facebook user has generated great commotion in social networks, due to the strange discovery he made inside a water pond in Mexico. The author of the images approached the well to throw a piece of bait, without imagining that a mysterious creature would emerge from the interior and terrify more than one by its strange appearance. 

The Facebook video was shared by the video_online17 page, where more than half a million Internet users from Mexico, the United States, Canada and other countries around the world discovered the true identity of the river creature.

Some of the statements of the author of the Facebook video indicated that the mysterious fish was hidden inside the well; however, when placing food, it left without fear of being caught.

As you can see in the filming of the video shared on Facebook, the strange creature to feel the smell of the bait took its head and let it notice its mysterious appearance that more than one put goosebumps.

“Horrible. It has a strange appearance,  “Some creatures of the river are very dangerous” “What a fear” were some of the comments read in the viral Facebook post.



Source: La Republica