He Throws A Chemical Substance Into Mysterious Water And Hundreds Of ‘Creatures’ Appear [VIDEO]

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Through YouTube we were revealed a video that has unleashed controversy in social networks. A man recorded the moment he threw a chemical into a mysterious well and a group of ‘creatures’ emerged unexpectedly.

Discovery stunned thousands of users. A recent YouTube post has unleashed all kinds of comments, since it revealed to us the exact moment when a group of mysterious ‘creatures’ emerged from the depths of a water hole, after a man threw ‘salt’ in that place .

As revealed to us in the viral YouTube images , a subject tried to record the exact moment in which he threw salt into a ‘pool’ full of strange creatures . What happened next has left thousands of users speechless and generated controversy over the unusual behavior that these ‘beings’ had.

Through YouTube , a video was shared that shows us the exact moment when a group of mysterious creatures emerge from the depths of a well, after a young caregiver throws a substance diluted in water.

In the YouTube images we can see that at the exact moment in which this man throws the ‘salt’, this group of strange specimens begin to behave strangely and jump desperately from the depths of that place.

The images puzzled thousands of YouTube users , who came to think that it is some kind of saline solution, which caused them annoyance or some kind of reaction.

Everything seems to indicate that these mysterious creatures are actually electric eels , which this man keeps in said well of water. At the bottom of this post we leave you the video with the exact moment in which these creatures emerge abruptly from that place.


Source: La Republica