He Throws A Centipede Inside An Aquarium What The Fish Does Is Shocking [WARNING VIDEO may be difficult to watch]

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A viral YouTube video shows the moment in which a fish faces a centipede and the result left thousands of users impacted.

On YouTube a viral video was shared showing the exact moment when a man drops a centipede in a fish aquarium to face a fearsome creature, who did not hesitate to try to devour the insect. The disgusting images became viral on social networks, especially in countries such as Mexico, the United States and Spain.

The feeding of the fish varies depending on its species, some eat invertebrates, such as worms, larvae, worms, shrimp, among many others, and larger ones, such as the type of the viral clip shared on YouTube, can devour a centipede.

Centipedes are carnivorous and can live in many places like the soil of a garden, bathrooms and basements. They are mainly seen in warm places and although they have toxic glands with which they paralyze their victim, they are not a rival for a huge fish.

The video uploaded to YouTube shows how the man drops one of these creatures into his fishbowl, which is a yellow fish. Unable to defend themselves, the vertebrate animal devours a part of the animal and then devours it completely.

The shocking images caused great astonishment in several YouTube users, who were impressed with the ferocity of the fish.


Source: La Republica