He Thought It Was A Mysterious Stone Of The Sea But When He Sees It He Discovers A Terrifying Creature (YouTube Viral Video)

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YouTube users were surprised to see the fright that a young man who found a strange sea rock hiding a terrifying secret took away.

YouTube was the social network that allowed you to watch the curious video in which you see the precise moment when a young fisherman , got a terrible scare to discover a strange stone in the Bay of Kotor, in Montenegro , but when investigating it, he noticed That was a strange camouflaged creature. The clip became a trend in Mexico , Spain and the United States.

The man , who saw something strange in the water, decided to take his cell phone and record all the time to have it registered. Although he believed he had found a harmless object, his surprise was great to notice that it was something completely different.

In the first seconds of the YouTube viral video , you can see how the fisherman takes a rare stone with his hand that water had collected a few moments before. After this, the man decides to examine it carefully, because his appearance has him baffled, but when he approaches he realizes that he begins to move.

Instantly the rock is shaken uncontrollably and reveals its true identity to the camera. At first, the fisherman is speechless when he notices that it is a mysterious sea creature , so he releases it and drops it on the floor of his boat, however, then he realizes that it is actually an elusive octopus .

In the second end of the viral video on YouTube , the curious animals walks to the edge of the boat with intent to escape and return to their natural habitat, when she finally manages to reach the water, he dives into the depths leaving behind a trail of ink that dumped from his body.

The clip generated all kinds of reactions among thousands of users. Some of the most prominent comments were: “At first I thought it was a stone , but when I saw it move I was scared”, “The octopus camouflaged well between the legs , luckily the fisherman did not hurt him”, among others.


Source: La Republica