He Thinks That A Turtle Has Been Crushed By A Heavy Tube He Approaches And Discovers The Terrifying Truth [VIDEO]

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A viral video on Facebook captured the moment when a “dying” turtle was rescued from death, without suspecting the controversial outcome.

He imagined the worst. A diver was terrified to record in a viral Facebook video the moment he thought he found a dying turtle crushed by a heavy tube that fell from a submarine at the bottom of the sea, without imagining that approaching him discovered the truth. Thousands of users were ‘speechless’ when they saw the effects of environmental pollution that was reported in Mexico , Canada and the United States.

After seeing the dramatic scene, the man did not hesitate to approach the sea ​​turtle to rescue her from death or heal her from her wounds, but her surprise was great when she saw her in perfect health.

The viral Facebook recording showed the heartbreaking moment when the diver realized that the endangered sea turtle fed on sewage coming out of an underwater pipe . The incident was recorded on a Bolabog beach in Boracay, Philippines, and caused the outrage of the world.

In the outrageous scene, the sea turtle stuck its head inside the pipe , while the yellowish green dirt left it. He seemed to be using that position to get debris in snacks.

In addition, the viral video of Facebook recorded other tropical fish feeding on the pollution , as they swam around the area next to the turtle. The clip accumulated more than 100,000 views, 500 shares and 150 comments.

The clip was shared on Facebook by the “Viral Press” page, which accumulated more than 100,000 views, 500 shares and 150 comments. “When we kill our oceans, humanity is gradually being consumed,” “the turtles will eat anything!”, “See how that ate,” “we are the greatest predators of all time,” users wrote in the social networks .

Here we leave you with the original video shared on Facebook and YouTube



Source: La Republica