He Temps It With Live Bait And Comes Close To Losing His Arm And Even His Life [VIDEO]

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A viral video was shared on Facebook that shows the moment that a fisherman was surprised by a gigantic shark that swam up and grabbed his bait.

Tremendous fright. A fisherman became the main star of a viral video posted on Facebook, which shows his encounter with a fierce shark that emerged from the depths of the sea in search of food, while trying to tempt it with live bait. The dangerous scene that became a trend in countries such as Mexico, the United States and Spain.

What happened? As you can appreciate in the viral video of Facebook, the fisherman places in the water a piece of bait to attract fish. Within minutes, a gigantic shark approaches to devour its ‘prey’.

Without suspecting, the man of the viral video tried to catch the fierce shark, a fact that alarmed the witnesses. Likewise, Facebook users reacted to see what happened to the man.

The images show the scene in which the man saved his life from a miracle. “How awful! That man was exposed too much”, said a Facebook user ,” What fear,” said another.

In this note we share the viral video of Facebook that was shared by the ViralHog account . Currently, the publication hundreds of views of users from Mexico, the United States, Canada and other countries.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that a video about catching marine animals is broadcast on Facebook


Watch the Facebook video here:


Source: La Republica