He Swims In Deep Waters And Is Surprised By A Huge Creature Right Above Him [VIDEO]

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Via YouTube The young man raised his face to take pictures of nature at the bottom of the sea, not imagining that his camera would end up fogged with a gigantic body

Shocking images from YouTube show the creepy moment a swimmer lived after diving into the depths of a lake. The man, who was taking pictures of aquatic creatures , never imagined that he would run into a giant predator. The unique moment was recorded on video and has gone viral on the networks.

An afternoon of exploration for a young man at the bottom of a mysterious lake became the worst experience of his life, after seeing a fierce creature swimming on the surface, while he was on the swamp floor. What happened? YouTube’s viral video recorded the moment when the man focused his camera up and saw a hungry creature swimming across the surface of the water in search of its prey.

Terrifying find

While he was at the bottom of a lake, the boy raised his face to take pictures of nature, without imagining that his camera would end up fogged with the gigantic body of a crocodile that swam calmly across the surface. The YouTube video went viral in Mexico , Spain and the United States.

Luckily for the young man, the hungry crocodile was very distracted stalking its prey from the surface, without imagining that an intruder entered its natural habitat. However, experts indicate that the unusual behavior of the predator is typical when it is in the hunting stage.

“Crocodiles target prey on the surface, so the main ‘danger zone’ is getting in and out of the water,” said Zoton Britton to the BBC. His team of professionals reached the bottom of a river and interacted with predators, who did not see them as their prey.

In the viral YouTube recording it was appreciated when the manreleased a signal to imply that he was in perfect condition. Just a few hours after its publication on social networks, the clip accumulated 600 thousand views, 1,054 shares and 2,000 comments.

“Amazing scene,” “interesting, but it’s not worth putting your life at risk,” the users wrote. We remind you that you can appreciate the captures of the YouTube viral video thanks to our gallery, and to achieve this, you just have to slide the main image to the left.

Watch the YouTube viral video:


Source: La Republica