He Suffered For Days After Being Shot In The Back While In His Own Sanctuary Alligator Alley

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On Facebook, members were quick to support this initiative. The case, which occurred in the United States, has been investigated by the Police.

Wes Moore is the owner of Alligator Alley, an alligator farm located in the town of Summerdale, Alabama, United States. This man, as many Facebook users already know, is distressed due to the death of one of the reptiles.

According to various media reports, the animal had received a bullet in the back.

Tests performed on the corpse showed that he suffered up to 5 days before he died. The alligator, called Shifty, suffered for several hours before passing away.

Wes Moore stated that he wants to do justice. To achieve this goal, he has offered a $2,000 reward to anyone who provides information to help locate Shifty’s killer.

On Facebook, users supported the initiative. “I hope the criminal is captured soon,” said one of them.



Source: Trome