He Squirts Fishing Oil In A Mud Hole You Won’t Believe What Appears (VIDEO)

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Theses Images has baffled everyone. A video went viral on YouTube because it shows the exact moment when a mysterious creature emerges from a mud pit to attack a young explorer.

A young explorer was attacked by a mysterious creature that emerged from a hole and attacked him. 

“This is the Pooja method, using hand fishing to catch fish from a deep hole,” which is described in the publication of ‘ Fishing BD ‘ on YouTube. Apparently, the man was looking for river creatures; however, it was another fish that he found.

In the video you can see the moment when a huge eel, who lives in the bottom of a hole, emerged from the water. “Some professional fishermen only catch them by hand. But manual fishing is dangerous because of the eels that live in the hole “, read in the post.

The young men who caught the ‘mysterious creatures’ from the hole used fishing oil. This helped the fishermen to easily obtain the creatures that were inside hollow of mud.


Source: La Republica