He Sneaks Up On Two Fishermen From Behind Waiting To Attack Them (IMAGES)

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A photograph is captured by Robert Hawthorne where he captures the moment when a brown bear is a few steps from two fishermen to attack them.

All of us at some point in life were on a tightrope, in the hair of something bad happening to us. This picture is worth gold since two people were in the wrong place and time. Luckily they were saved but lived a bitter drink.

A scary image is captured by photographer Robert Hawthorne as it shows the moment when a brown bear is a few steps from two fishermen who were at the river’s edge. They were in Katmai National Park, Alaska in the United States.

This image has gone viral on social networks because two men are seen fishing while the predator watches them in detail behind their backs.

The photographer commented to Dayli Star that he hastened to take it and then warn him what was behind it. When they were alerted, they could not contain the fright and fear.

“The bear really wasn’t interested in fishermen, although he may have been interested in seeing if they had caught a fish to steal it”

They realized they were out of danger and the men returned to fish in the river.


Source: Los40