He Saved Himself from Certain Death by Being Rescued Before his Truck Sinks into a Frozen River

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For some strange reason, the victim in the video did not care that his vehicle was going to sink to the bottom of the icy waters of a wharf in Michigan, in the United States, and he wanted to climb again.

A man was seconds from drowning in the United States  after his truck sank in the frozen waters of a river. The incredible moment was recorded on video by a witness and became a trend after being shared on YouTube .

The vehicle is observed partially submerged in the waters of the wharf of Lexington State, in Michigan, and to its driver desperately wanting to go back up before it was going to end up at the bottom of the river.

The video shows how people asked the driver to stay away from the truck but fishermen who were nearby managed to keep him from moving forward.

Although he was treated by paramedics and released, the Lexington Police Department reported that he later arrested the man on suspicion of driving while intoxicated by what happened.

The van that went to the bottom of the dock in Lexington State was recovered with the help of a crane last weekend and is currently investigating the causes that led the driver to want to return to the vehicle to see that he was about to sink.


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