He Risked His Life To Help Him In Distress Caused By Pollution On Our Beaches (VIDEO)

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Pollution affects the environment more every day and animals end up being the most affected. In Argentina, a case unleashed the outrage of thousands of users on Facebook and other social networks.

One more proof of the terrible consequences of pollution of the environment and how it affects animals . A sea lion in Argentina , from the classic reserve of the city of Mar del Plata, caught the attention of the world when it appeared with a tire stuck in its neck. Happily, and after hard work, an animal group achieved its long-awaited liberation.

“With great joy we inform you that the sea lion that had a tire on its neck has just been released”, shared on its Facebook page the Fauna Argentina Foundation, which on July 11 published several photos and videos of the rescue of the marine animal , which went viral almost immediately.

In the images that cause a sensation on Facebook , the volunteers of the Fauna Argentina Foundation stated that, after several attempts, they were able to successfully remove the stuck tire on the back of the animal with the help of a rope and a hook, without causing any injury. Now, the copy “moves freely and happily for the reservation,” he added.

A young man identified as Guillermo Oliva became the hero of the day by encouraging him to face the animal to help him and hook the tire that prevented him from breathing easily. The mission also counted on the participation of other technicians and volunteers of the foundation.


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