He Proposed To His Girlfriend Underwater And Never Gets To Hear Her Say YES! (VIDEO)

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The woman had accepted, however, the boyfriend never heard the yes.

Kenesha Antoine said yes when her boyfriend Steven Weber, Jr. proposed to her in the ocean  during a dream vacation in Africa, however, the young man failed to leave the water: he died by drowning. The story went viral on Facebook.

The couple from the United States were on vacation at a Tanzanian resort, but Kenesha did not expect to have the worst day of her life, as she reported on her Facebook account

Even, the young woman shared the video of Steven, submerged in the water, behind a glass. The man was not wearing an oxygen tank and shows a letter to Kenesha: “I can’t hold my breath enough to tell you everything I love you,” he said in the letter.

Then, he took out a ring to propose marriage: Kenesha accepted. The last scene in the Facebook video was with Steven swimming to the surface, however, he could never hear the yes, as he drowned.

Steven did not reach the surface because he was free diving only wearing goggles and fins at a depth of 32 feet deep.

“You never emerged from those depths, so you never heard my answer,” Yes! Yes! A million times, yes, I will marry you! “Kenesha wrote on her Facebook account

For the bride it was “the best day of our lives then became the worst, the cruelest turn of imaginable destiny.” 

“I will find you and marry you in the next life, and the next, and the next, and the next … I love you very much, and I always will,” she concluded in her Facebook account, where he received messages from condolences of friends and strangers who viewed the publication. 


Source: Trome