He Plays A Mean Joke On His Best Friend Without Imagining The Terrible Damage It Would Cause [VIDEO]

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A video from Facebook revealed the terrible outcome of a heavy joke that a young man devised for his best friend. What happened would generate a costly loss that you will never forget.

Through a recent Facebook video , thousands of users were able to learn the consequences of a heavy joke that a young man devised for his ‘best’ friend. In this short film it was possible to appreciate the precise moment in which a boy decides to scare his best friend , without thinking, that would cause him a terrible loss. The unusual incident, surely, ended up annoying the protagonist of the clip and the fact went viral in countries like Mexico, Spain and the United States.

He was the architect of this heavy joke , who recorded the singular moment and shared it on Facebook and other networks, unleashing various reactions among users, who sympathized with the victim. What happened?

In the images, which already have more than 8800 reproductions on Facebook , the young protagonist of the clip is observed sitting on the edge of a pool with his legs in the water. In the first seconds, it is observed how the author of the recording is stealthily approaching behind his friend, who remains immobile with his head down.

However, when the man is already very close to the young man who was lying on the edge of the pool, he makes a resounding cry to scare him, and, as expected, he fulfills his objective, but the peculiar incident does not end in the best way, since the protagonist of the recording, who is the victim of the cruel joke, throws his cell phone into the water after being frightened by his friend, and, as if that were not enough, he throws himself into the pool in a resounding way to try to recover his cell phone.

The funny scene unleashed thousands of laughter among Facebook users , who did not hesitate to share and comment on the curious episode starring these two friends, noting that, probably, their friendship has ended after the heavy joke.

“With this kind of friend, you don’t need enemies!”, “If you make this kind of joke, will you pay for the cellphone”; were some of the comments that could be recorded in the video, which already has more than 30 thousand views on Facebook , social network where the fact generated controversy.

In the lower part we leave you the original video in which you could register the exact moment when this bad joke was executed that ended up ruining a smartphone of last generation.


Source: La Republica