He Places His Hand Inside A Fishbowl To Grab A Strange Creature And The Unthinkable Happens [VIDEO]

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The author of the Facebook viral video recorded the exact moment in which he caressed a mysterious creature that had been captured from the sea. What was it about?

Through a viral Facebook video, thousands of users were stunned to see the filming that a young man from Mexico shared on their social networks. The bold man placed his hand inside a fishbowl to ‘caress’ a strange creature , without imagining what would happen minutes later.

The nature.index Facebook account , a channel of strange findings, also spread the video that is trending in  United States Canada and England because of the creepy appearance of the animal.

What was it about? Achieved as seen in the viral video of Facebook , the subject entered one of his hands in the fishbowl where he lived a mysterious creature, a horseshoe crabs that had been captured from the sea.

“The laboratory (@mblwoodshole) maintains a stock of these gentle giants. Sometimes, they turn (constantly crawl over each other) and, in general, can straighten with a twist of their long tail spine, ”reads in part of the description made by the author of the viral video of Facebook.

Thousands of Facebook users believed that the strange sea creature would attack the author of the video; however, in one of the scenes, the crab approaches the hand of the man without causing damage.


Watch here the viral video of Facebook:


Source: La Republica