He Places Bait In His Hand, Mysterious Creature Emerges From The Sea And Shows Its True Appearance [VIDEO]

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The viral video of Facebook shows the strange appearance of the marine animal that left the sea to feed on the food that a fisherman placed on his hand.

You have to see it. A Facebook video has left thousands of users open-mouthed, who saw the strange appearance of a dark marine animal found on the beach in Mexico. As it is possible to appreciate in the scenes, the subject placed a piece of bait inside the sea, fact that caused that a mysterious creature leaves the depths. What was it about?

According to some of the details you read in the publication viral on Facebook, the mysterious creature was caught by a fisherman in Mexico , who recorded the moment of his discovery.

‘What animal is it?’, Is the question that thousands of Facebook users have asked themselves , after watching the video that has gone viral on social networks . The curious creature that showed its true appearance had a tender appearance.

The fisherman when approaching the animal discovered that it was a hungry ‘fergie lightning’ that received food from the man sailing at sea. Here we share some of the comments made by Facebook users.

“How curious our nature is”, “What a strange animal it seems to be imposing and when it shows its face everything changes”, “What a beautiful moment”, were some of the reactions that Internet users from Mexico, Canada and the United States wrote in the publication from Facebook.



Source: La Republica