He Performs The Most Epic Backflip Fail Ever Off Pier In Port San Luis (VIDEO)

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A family was having lunch at the pier in Port San Luis, overlooking the water, when three men sat next to them. They heard two of them bet the third $300 to backflip off the dock, so they pulled out their phone to record in case he would really accept the bet.

It is a misdemeanor to jump off the pier, which he apparently knew, so he got up and attempted the flip very quickly, as not to get caught, so he did not stop for a moment. He then proceeded to do the most epic back flop in history.

The harbor patrol came right after and warned him severely. His friends paid the $300 even though he did not complete a full backflip. The fact that he got up on the table and totally back flopped was a golden moment in itself!

Source: ViralHog