He Nearly Dies While Performing A Barefoot Water Skiing Stunt (VIDEO)

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Fortunately, Nick Supe was saved by a hair from suffering a terrible accident during his ride at full speed off of a motorboat on a lake. The scene recorded by video.

A lover of adventure sports almost lost his life while practicing water skiing barefoot and the eerie moment was recorded on video.

In the image that causes uproar, Nick Supe is observed immersed in a lake and holding a bar attached to a motorboat, which suddenly begins to advance reaching more than 50 kilometers per hour.

The drag force made the man stand up and begin to slide on the water using only his bare feet, as if they were a pair of skis.

However, the handle that Nick Supe was going to use to better maneuver his route began to bounce on the water and in a moment it was placed around his neck, becoming a potential danger for death. Fortunately, he was able to react in time and take it off.

What would have happened if I had not removed the handle in time? Well, as a user of YouTube, if the guy of the viral video had lost his balance “that would have ripped his head off or broken his neck”.


Source: Trome