He Lets Himself Be Bitten By Terrifying Water Bug And Ends Up Suffering In The Worst Way [VIDEO]

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He never imagined that he would suffer terrible pain. Through YouTube the famous youtuber ‘Coyote’ Peterson shared the exact moment in which he was left to bite in the foot by a huge sea creature.

A recent video shared on YouTube has surprised thousands of users, since it revealed to us the terrible experience that an adventurer and youtuber suffered, who dared to be bitten by a spooky sea ​​creature known as a giant water bug. The popular ‘Coyote’ Peterson dared to prove how painful it is to receive the attack of this animal and ended up suffering in the worst possible way.

Nathaniel Peterson , also known as ‘ Coyote ‘ is a wildlife educator, who owns a YouTube channel called ‘ Brave Wilderness ‘. In this web space, it shows numerous animals and insects that can be found in nature, and in many cases it is allowed to bite and bite for them to show how the human body reacts to this.

In this risky adventure, Peterson was accompanied by his entire production team to a Siquirres forest, Costa Rica, with the aim of finding a giant water bug, which he would later use in a painful experiment.

In the video that went viral on YouTube you can see how in the first minutes, the adventurer, along with his companions, walk in the middle of the night through a forest and stop to examine a pond. In the water they manage to see this huge insect and thanks to a network they manage to capture it and put it in captivity.

The next day, it looks like the giant water bug stays inside a plastic container full of water, while ‘ Coyote ‘ begins to give details about this and takes it with his hands to show all his anatomy in front of the lens of the camera that is registering all the time.

Already in the last minutes of the clip shared on YouTube, the wildlife educator takes off his shoe and the middle of his left foot, as he will be bitten by the insect on his big toe. Moments later he places the bed bug and bites it, causing Peterson to tear himself to the ground to scream in pain.

If you want to see what happened to ‘ Coyote ‘ Then we leave the video on YouTube for you to see for yourself. In addition, it is recommended not to imitate these practices, as this man is professional and only performs it for educational purposes.

In the images shared on his YouTube channel, which already has more than 14 million subscribers, you can see all kinds of ‘experiments’ in which the young man is exposed to painful attacks. It is recommended not to imitate this type of act since it could harm your health in the worst possible way.

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Source:  La Republica