He Jumps On The Edge Of A Cliff And What You Expect To Happen…Happens

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A tourist jumps on the edge of a torrential river and falls 5 meters in an avalanche of mud to the current

The foolish behavior was about to cost him his life, but fortunately he managed to go downstream from the tumultuous waters.

A tourist suffered a dangerous fall of about five meters from the eroded shore of a turbulent river in the Chinese province of Hebei -located in the northwest of the country, when the edge of the ravine collapsed and dragged it into the waters, reports the newspaper The Paper.

In a video recorded by witnesses who congregated to observe the powerful river current, you can see moments before how the man jumps several times on the very edge of the alluvium, which finally collapses and falls into the current between an avalanche of mud. In his fall he tries desperately to grab hold of something, but in vain.

For his fortune, and despite the strength of the waters, downstream he was able to climb to a shore and was not injured. He only lost his mobile phone.


Source: ActualidadRT