He Is Trapped With Nowhere To Run (WARNING Super Sensitive Video May Be Offensive)

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An antelope escapes from dying by a crocodile, but something much worse awaited him seconds later.

On YouTube the precise moment in which a tender impala manages to escape from a fierce creature went viral, without imagining that what would happen would be much worse.

Sadly, an antelope was the victim of a heartbreaking viral video shared on YouTube, where he is seen escaping the fierce attack of a hungry creature on a river in Africa. However, fate had prepared something much worse when he reached the shore. 

The wildlife in the African savanna can be heartbreaking for both predators and prey, which day after day try to survive with the little habitat that still remains.

The Dutch Kasale guide was able to capture in a video the great terror that an impala can experience when it is chosen to be the lunch of other hungry predators.

As the clip shared on YouTube reveals , the impala was captured by a crocodile in the middle of a river. The still young reptile, he took it with his sharp teeth the neck of the antelope, however, was not strong enough to kill him.

The brave antelope managed to withstand the attack and fled to the shore to save his life, however, was paralyzed when he observed that a pack of wild dogs expected him to come out of the waters to devour him.

The antelope doubted whether to return to the river or face hungry dogs. One of the dogs, dared to go into the water to bit bite the snout and together with his pack mates, they took him by force to eat it.

The impressive YouTube clip shows the harsh reality of these animals. Both prey and predator, they spend most of their lives on the edge of death. One of the factors of the decrease in the population of lions, cheetahs, hyenas, wild dogs, among other predators, is due to the fact that their prey have also decreased due to global warming.


Source: La Republica