He Is Terrified By Mysterious Water Creature Until It Turns Around And Shows Its True Identity (VIDEO)

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Viewers of this video have been more than surprised, that reveals the identity of a strange water creature, found by a young man who was vacationing in Lithuania.

As he revealed on Facebook, he tried to swim in a lake located in Kaunas and was amazed to see this mysterious creature that was ‘swimming’ in the warm water. The young man came to see what animal it was and was surprised to learn the truth.

After learning the true identity of this mysterious creature that was splashing in a lake in Kaunas in Lithuania. The young man who recorded the scene said that in the first instance he was horrified by what he saw, but when he discovered what it was he was really amazed by the appearance of this animal.

The young man was surprised and could not avoid sharing this video on Facebook, where thousands fell in love with this creature, which turned out to be a Komondor dog, a breed of guardian and shepherd originally from Hungary.

This breed is characterized by having a coat very similar to that of a person who has dreadlocks, used by the Rastafari or even that of a floor mop. On Facebook, hundreds of viewers could not believe that this breed of dogs existed and were fascinated by the appearance of this animal, which left this young tourist scared, at first.

In the upper part we leave you some captures of this mysterious ‘creature’, which turned out to be this nice dog, whose breed is common in European countries. How about? We leave the video with the unexpected discovery that went viral on social networks like Facebook and YouTube .



Source: La Republica

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