He is Fishing and His Catch is a Monstrous Goldfish!

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A fisherman from the state of Kentucky managed to get a very special catch out of the water: a 20-pound goldfish!

A part-time worker in a specialty shop, Hunter Anderson is a regular at fishing exaggerated or invented stories. However, after his last adventure, it was he who had to convince others of the truth of his story.

“You can not lie about this type of fish. It was crazy, “he said about the beast that ended in his rowboat: a huge goldfish.

The animal of the carp family was attracted by a simple piece of biscuit on a hook.

“It’s definitely my weirdest catch,” said Hunter Anderson, whose photo with the fish got a lot of reaction on social media.

The man still gave his catch to the water afterwards.

“What was I supposed to do with that, honestly? I thought he deserved to swim another day. Maybe someone else will catch it. Maybe he will be at the end of the line of a child who will be as happy as me, “concluded Hunter Anderson.


Source: TVAnouvelles