He Is Caught In A Deadly Situation And Gets Away By A Tail…Literally (VIDEO Contains Sensitive Content)

A group of tourists captured the exact moment a crocodile bites the tail of a helpless wildebeest, who was trying to cross the river. However, the mammal never gave up and managed to escape from the strong jaw of the predator, but ended up seriously injured. As usual, Africa is the scene of brutal clashes between wild creatures.

Every year, during the first days of the month of June, the endless migration of the wildebeest through the African continent in search of lands with green pastures takes place. During their long journey, the herds face dangerous predators like crocodiles that hide in the rivers in search of their prey.

In the recording you can see the moment when a wildebeest tried to cross an extensive river next to his herd, but was abruptly attacked by a crocodile that kept him immobilized by its tail; however, the mammal did not give up and fought to the end for its release.

Through a lethal bite, the huge predator did not release his prey, who by chance of life had his body free to run for his life with any distraction from his hunter. In the viral video shared on YouTube is appreciated when the crocodile pulls furiously the tail of its victim to make it fall into the lake and manage to accommodate its large jaws in a place that allows optimal grip.

At that moment, the crocodile tears the tail of the brave wildebeest, who takes advantage of those seconds of freedom to run for his life, but with a severe wound. A group of tourists on the dangerous safari is listening intensely live the brutal hunt that could end in tragedy.

On the other hand, some¬†were surprised with the incredible outcome that left the fierce hunting of a crocodile to a brave wildebeest that clings to life until the end. “He lost a tail, but he will live”, “It is a miracle that the wildebeest survives a terrible bite that caused the enormous predator”, were the comments on social networks.


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Source: La Republica