He Goes Into The Ocean, Without Imagining That A Hungry Creature Would Attack Him From Behind [VIDEO]

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A diver recorded a viral Facebook video the moment he was rammed by a gigantic sea creature that emerged from the depths to scare him.

Moments of tension. Through Facebook, a viral video showed the exact moment when a man went to the seabed to record his natural habitat, without imagining that on the way he would be attacked by a dangerous creature . The clip went viral in Mexico , Spain and the United States.

The viral video of Facebook recorded the terrifying moment that a diver lived when he came across a huge predator, while he was crossing the seabed in search of new species.

However, the distracted diver never imagined that he would be surprised by the abrupt appearance of a huge sea creature , who with his terrifying appearance understood that his life was hanging by a thread. At full speed, a huge shark emerged from the depths and ran swiftly to make it clear who the true ‘king of the immense ocean’ is.

The viral images of Facebook showed the wild scene in which the gigantic shark passed by, but thanks to the bars of a protective cage, the man was able to leave unscathed from a lethal bite to get lost in the immense sea.

The viral video was shared on Facebook by the “ViralHog” page, which accumulated more than 2,000 views, 600 shares and dozens of comments. “Incredible, the man could end up dead!”, “I instead do not know what I would have done”, “there is no doubt that this lethal bite could destroy it,” the users said on social networks.

We remind you that the captures of the viral Facebook video can be appreciated thanks to our gallery, and to achieve this, you just have to slide the main image to the left.

Watch the viral video of Facebook:

Source: La Republica