He Gets Up To Go To The Washroom In The Middle Of The Night And Finds Something Horrifying (VIDEO)

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A Nightmare visitor in an Indian mans home when he finds a crocodile in the bathroom in the middle of the night.

A team from an animal rescue organization took the reptile out of the bathroom and moved it away from the residence, located in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Mahendra Padhiyar, a resident of Vadodara, city of the Indian state of Gujarat, woke up at dawn because of a strange noise he heard in his house, thinking that a curious cat had entered. However, he found a crocodile in his bathroom – an aggressive 1.4 meter reptile with open jaws – ready to defend himself, reports the local TimesNowNews portal.

Mahendra called the NGO Wildlife Rescue Trust (WRT) to ask for help to extract the crocodile. 

Snake cases that slip into homes are recorded fairly regularly in the region around this city in western India; However, the ‘visits’ of crocodiles are not so common.

It took the Wildlife Rescue Trust team an hour to remove the crocodile from the bathroom and move it away from the residence.


Source: Actualidad RT