He Gets Separated From His Group And They Relentlessly Attack Him Piece By Piece (VIDEO)

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A shocking YouTube viral video has impressed thousands of users, because it shows the heartbreaking struggle between a lobster and a triggerfish.

You will not believe it. Through YouTube, thousands of Internet users witnessed the brutal attack that involved a cuttlefish fish and a marine lobster. The crustacean was with his group when he separated from them and ran into the hungry fish. 

An army of marine lobsters, between 30 and 40 of them, marched in line without losing order. These creatures made the daily journey for their migration in this way to protect themselves from predators, however, it is not an infallible system.

As seen in the viral video on YouTube, a fish crossbow made its appearance on the scene to try to attack the legs of these animals. But the defensive system of the marine lobsters took shape, making a ring.

The predator knows that it can not penetrate the defense of these animals, however, it presents an opportunity a few meters: a solitary ‘soldier’, separated from the group and is now in trouble.

The fish knocked open thousands of YouTube users , when it disarms the lobster by pressing its mouth against one of its thick limbs that it has under its eyes.

The deadly fish just begins its meal and attacks the part that it likes most: the legs. With rapid movements, the limbs of the lobster come out one by one, which has no escape.

In the YouTube video shared by the BBC, it is observed, as the crustacean can no longer defend itself and is devoured little by little by several crossbow fish that prowl around it. Life can also be very raw and wild for animals that live on the ocean floor.

It looks like a hairball, but there are hundreds of dangerous creatures

A young man, who recorded a viral video for Facebook , was terrified after making an incredible find in his home. The boy discovered a ball of hair on a wall, but when he looked closely he realized that it was really hundreds of dangerous creatures.

As the author of the viral video described , when he noticed the strange hairball on his wall, he disintegrated the hair to discover what was inside and was surprised. This finding has made a big impression on some Facebook users , who did not hesitate to share their comments.


Source: La Republica