He Found a Rock Similar to a Cannonball at the Beach and Find the Fossil of a Creature of 185 million years

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A British enthusiast was exploring a beach when a bright rock caught his attention.

Aaron Smith, a 22-year-old British fossil hunter, has made an impressive find on a Yorkshire beach. The young man found a rock like a cannonball with a shiny surface and when he opened it he discovered the fossil of a 185-million-year-old sea creature inside it, reports The Daily Mail .

The newspaper states that this type of limestone rock abounds in the Yorkshire coastline and that it is covered with iron pyrite, which gives it its striking appearance. Inside it the enthusiast found a spiral fossil of a cleviceras, extinct genus of cephalopod that lived during the Jurassic.

Their fossils are rare because they did not have a hard shell. However, they can be found inside limestone rocks, where they are perfectly preserved.