She Found a Letter Thrown Into the Sea 44 Years Ago and Fulfilled the Written Request it Carried

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The message was inside a bottle that was thrown into the water on February 7, 1975 in Las Grutas, Río Negro. Through a crusade on social networks, a young woman was able to contact the author’s family

Last Tuesday, Luisina Morando , a young 29-year – old teacher from Carmen de Patagones , was traveling through Río Negro . She had taken advantage of the long holiday to enjoy a few days of rest in the company of her boyfriend and in-laws. The four chose as a plan to go fishing to Bahía Creek beach , a spa resort in the Adolfo Alsina department.

That afternoon there was no breakage, so they decided to take their things and return to the house where they stayed. But before leaving Luisina grabbed a drawer lying on the floor and began to pick up debris that was in the place, a usual habit that she has.

In the middle of his cleaning task, among the remains in the sand he came across a  buried bottle, with the part of the stock out . Looking at the packaging with attention noticed something inside, a kind of package, so she decided to take it to inspect it more in detail. Hours later the surprise arrived.

He Found a Letter Thrown Into the Sea 44 Years Ago and he Fulfilled the Written Request it Carried

With patience and much care, the young woman uncorked the bottle and managed to extract that mysterious package. It was a wet paper, wrapped in a nylon and tied with a cord, and with a handwritten text.

“The nylon was difficult to get out because it had dried and was falling apart, first we tried with the fingers and a knife, but seeing that it could be broken we tapped on the back part of the bottle and a part came out and we took it out, “Luisina said.

Among the blotted ink letters, the young woman managed to read a message, rather an order from the author: “This bottle was thrown into the water at the Las Grutas resort, province of Río Negro, R. Argentina, on the 7th of December 2 1975. Whoever collects it, would be grateful to write informing the place and date of the discovery ” , reads the text signed by a man named Miguel J. Borges and accompanied by a telephone number and a brief address that only says  El Palomar , Buenos Aires province Aires

This is how Luisina reported the following day on her Facebook profile: “Yesterday morning while I was collecting garbage on the beach I had the excitement and pleasure of finding this gift from the sea …  In the distance it was a bottle but when I had it in my hands can not imagine it, something unique that I have only lived in movies and pirate stories, a message from a man asking whoever finds it information, date and place … Miguel J. Borges thank you! I hope to meet you! “, she wrote still impressed.

The young woman set out to find Miguel. For this, he counted on the help that the publication in the social network had an effect. It began to viralize and be shared by neighbors of El Palomar. Until between the hundreds of comments appeared a clue to find Borges. A woman told Luisina that he no longer lived there and had moved to Villa Urquiza. She also gave him three phone numbers.

Luisina tried to communicate but on the other side of the line nobody answered or heard that the number corresponded to a client out of service. After a couple of failed attempts, she was finally able to contact Borges’ family. He spoke with Mabel Ballestero , wife of Miguel, 80 , who told him that they traveled a lot and he loved to do that kind of initiative, “what a dreamer,” as he told the teacher.

He Found a Letter Thrown Into the Sea 44 Years Ago and he Fulfilled the Written Request it Carried

The feeling that was left to the girl after the talk was ambiguous. On the one hand, she felt the satisfaction, the joy and the emotion of having accomplished the task. But on the other hand he claimed to have “a little knot of sadness” because she could not be completely complete. As Mabel informed her that Miguel had died six years ago .

The story revealed in the newspaper Río Negro, however, may have one more chapter. Luisina left her information (address and phone number) to the two children of Mabel and Miguel, to deliver the letter that her father wrote. “Time will tell if they want to recover it or not, if it turns out to be something important for them,” she said.

Meanwhile, the letter will remain inside a folio between your belongings, like the bottle, which for the time being was in Bahia Creek and will soon be brought by a relative.

“I will keep it with me and it will be a nice memory to tell future generations” , concluded Luisina.


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