He Finds This Rare Prehistoric Looking Creature In A River In Mississippi (VIDEO)

The registered weight of the animal, whose bite can be dangerous for humans, broke a record in the state of Mississippi.

A student at the University of the South of Mississippi (USA) found a huge alligator turtle in a river, while conducting a study on these rare animals.

Luke Pearson captured in the county of Lamar the male reptile, whose weight of almost 30 kilos corresponds to the largest recorded in the history of that region and the largest that has been found in the state so far this year.

This animal is considered to be the largest species of freshwater turtle in North America, and can reach a weight triple that of this specimen. It is characterized by its long and thick tail, prehistoric-looking quills on its shell and large head with a powerful snout.

It is known that the bite of the alligator turtle (‘Macrochelys temminckii’) is capable of breaking a broom stick, and there have been cases of human fingers torn off from a bite by the reptile.

A different video than that of the story above, just to show the size of these creatures that live in rivers.



Source: Actualidad RT