He Finds Peculiar Black ‘Shell’ On Desolate Beach Which Turns Out To Be Something More [VIDEO]

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A young tourist made an unexpected discovery that has scared thousands on YouTube. The boy ran into some strange “alien artifacts.” Upon reviewing them, he had a tremendous surprise.

An unusual YouTube video has been around the world, since it revealed to us the unusual discovery made by a young swimmer on a desolate beach. The boy noticed the presence of strange ‘lumps’ and decided to find out what it was. When examining the peculiar ‘alien artifacts’, it was a tremendous surprise. The images of his unexpected discovery became viral in countries such as Mexico, Canada and the United States.

As the video describes, which already has thousands of views on YouTube, the young author of the incredible find was walking along the shore of the beach, when he noticed some strange scary-looking lumps stranded in the sand, he did not hesitate to approach them to find out what they were.

According to the description of the YouTube viral video, these spooky objects, with the appearance of dark brown or black bags are often found stranded on beaches around the world, so, several tourists and people who bump into them or find them believe that these are strange “alien artifacts, mermaid bags or devil’s bags”.

What are these mysterious objects?

These are capsules of shark eggs or other species of the sea. As described in the YouTube viral images, its scary appearance is due to the collagen proteins from which they are made and are really soft and flexible.

Those that are empty inside have a tear to one side, it is likely the sea creatures that it carried inside have left through this area, giving them these species of capsules an even more disturbing aspect.

The dissemination of the video soon went viral on YouTube, generating various reactions and comments among users. “I’ve never seen anything like that, but it’s very amazing,” “I thought you had found something extraterrestrial,” some users wrote after watching the viral clip.


Source: La Republica