He Finds A Slimy Grey Creature While Fishing And Records Its Creepy Appearance [VIDEO]

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Via YouTube fisherman shared the terrifying aspect of the mysterious sea creature he found when fishing and shared the images on the net.

Through a shocking YouTube video, a young fisherman shared the unusual discovery he made in the Gulf of Thailand, after bumping into a strange disturbing-looking sea creature while extending its net along the coast of Songkhla province. The bold man did not hesitate to record the shocking event and shared it in a video that has gone viral on YouTube during the last hours.

The young man recorded the spooky appearance of the strange creature he had found in the sea and did not hesitate to share it on YouTube and other networks, unleashing various comments from users about the true origin of the mysterious organism.

According to the author of the video, Satid Wangnurak, 24, the curious episode occurred on August 28, when he noticed a strange gray spot while doing his usual fishing activities like any day.

After noticing the strange body in the sea, the intrigued fisherman decided to catch him with his net, placed it on a wooden bench to be able to examine it and watched as the strange jelly-like creature crawled slowly across the surface. This is seen in the viral images of YouTube, which have surprised hundreds of Internet users.

What is it?

As seen in the clip viral on YouTube, the strange animal has a disturbing gelatinous with several black spots within each cell, similar to a larva. In addition, it has no form and crawled slowly, for which several YouTube users pointed out that it could be a sea slug. However, the true origin of this spooky sea ​​creature has not yet been identified.

Watch the YouTube viral video:



Source: La Republica