He Finds A Plastic Container Of Yogurt From The 1980’s On A Spanish Coast

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The plastic cup was in relatively good condition.

A Twitter user shared last Sunday the photo of a container of yogurt from forty years ago that he found on the coast of Tenerife (Spain). The image shows a broken plastic container, but practically whole and with the logo of the brand visible, with the colours almost intact.

According to the publication, the “packaging format” caused the user curiosity, so he decided to investigate, discovering that Danone yogurt used this design in 1980.

“40 years of floating around is plastic garbage. Everyone can draw their own conclusions,” says the tweet, calling for the environmental awareness of network users.

Another user contrasted information and even provided more information about the package in a comment. “Old plastic container of Danone yogurt strawberry flavor, with three red lines. 130 grs. Container manufactured by @RubiplasSA – Year 1978 …”

Dirt Roads wrote: “Today I found this Danone plastic yogurt on the coast of Tenerife … I was curious about the format of the packaging and when searching the internet it turns out that this design was used in 1980. 40 years circling this plastic garbage. Each one of you get your own conclusions.”



Source: ActualidadRT

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