He Finds A Peruvian Boy Laying At The Side Of The Road In A Stream Of Rain Water [VIDEO]

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The intensity of the rain is so strong in Chanchamayo, that a child was caught playing on the side of the road in a stream of rainfall simulating a water slide.

A recent video posted on Facebook, shows the moment when a child takes advantage of the heavy rains that fall on the city of Chanchamayo in Peru, to have fun and take advantage with a sort of ‘imaginary slide’. The viral has become a trend in several countries, such as Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The author of the video, which has more than 31 million views on Facebook, revealed that he recorded this curious viral a few days ago, when he walked through the flooded streets of the city of San Román, located in the province of Chanchamayo, in Junín.

As you can see in the video, posted on Facebook by user Brad Vienrich, it all starts when this man was walking the streets of San Román and he comes across a child making the best of the rain; However, not in the traditional way.

The little boy took advantage of the fact that the track’s canal was full of water and decided to use it as a slide, which caught the attention of the passer-by who did not hesitate to record it and publish the video on Facebook.

The audiovisual material caused all kinds of comments on social networks, some criticized the parents of the child for letting him play on the street, in the rain.

Other Facebook users, on the other hand, expressed their joy at watching a child’s games, ensuring that there are very few who have fun in that way, as many spend all day indoors glued to television or video games.

Below we leave you with the viral video published on Facebook


Source: La Republica