He Fears She Is Drowning Inside A Pool And Dares To Rescue Her [VIDEO]

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Touching. Through a Facebook video the moment when a brave dog threw himself into the pool went viral after seeing that his owner was in danger.

Thousands of lovers of animals were surprised to see quick action of a dog has become the protagonist of a viral video of Facebook. The dog threw himself into the pool, after realizing that his owner was in danger. These unusual scenes have been viralized in countries like Mexico, the United States and Spain.

It should be noted that the original publication has been disseminated via Twitter by a dog account called ‘Pets’, where thousands of Internet users played and shared on Facebook and other social networks.

A girl made her pet believe that she was drowning in a pool. The dog immediately jumped into the water to rescue its owner, without imagining that it was all about a planned scene.

The person who recorded the viral video of Facebook could record the bold maneuver of the dog that held the hair of its owner until it was taken to the edge of the pool.

“What a beautiful sign “, “Always firm saving the lives of humans without asking for anything in return”, “How touching”, were some of the reactions that Facebook users had when watching the viral video.


Source: La Republica