He Dives Into The Sea, Without Imagining That A Relentless Baby Creature Would Attack Him [VIDEO]

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A video went viral on Facebook. A man had the fright of his life with the abrupt presence of a strange baby creature that emerged from the ocean to annoy him.

It will steal your heart. A viral video on Facebook recorded the moment in which a diver ended up with scared when he was surprised with the arrival of a baby animal, who instead on attacking him for his strange presence, and covered him with pampering on the seabed. Users expressed the tenderness they felt with the images that went viral in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

The Facebook recording showed the funny scene that a man lived when he explored the bottom of the ocean. While everything was going smoothly, a diver came ‘face to face’ with a playful sea ​​creature, who did not hesitate to approach the new species that reached his marine habitat.

A completely funny scene broke out on the seabed when both species strengthened their links in a viral Facebook video. Thousands of users on social networks concluded that the strange creature was a baby sea ​​seal.

However, the wonderful link did not end with the approach of the animals, since the baby seal fiddled with the diver’s instruments for a while and tried to take it out of pure curiosity. A moment of the viral recording from Facebook was appreciated when the little creature removed the goggles from his face.

The video was shared on Facebook by the LADbible page, which accumulated more than 600 thousand views, 1495 shares and more than 2500 comments from astonished users. “Great, excellent interaction, but you have to be careful with your oxygen tank,” “Beautiful to see the fun encounter between the two species,” “I love seals, they are such gentle creatures,” you can read on the social networks. 

Watch the viral video of Facebook:


Source: La Republica