He “DIVES” Into A Water Fountain… Enough Said (VIDEO)

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In boxers and without measuring the depth, a young man dived into the famous Trafalgar Square fountain in England and became a trend on YouTube.

After performing a dive into a shallow water fountain in London, England, before a crowed of dozens of people, who were surprised by his act.

A fan of an English football team decided to surprise dozens of people located around the famous source of Trafalgar Square in the capital of England, however, the plan did not go as expected and ended with a tremendous injury.

The man, encouraged by his friends undressed being left in just his underwear to perform the silly stunt, he asked permission to tourists who took pictures of the scene as he stood on the edge of the fountain, attracting the eyes of all present.

The man almost fell, but continued with his act and threw his arms out, as if it were an Olympic swimming pool and hit the bottom with head sooner than he expected.

In his attempt to disguise his clumsy performance, he takes his head out of the water and stretches his arms, as if enjoying the popularity he felt he had at that moment, however, after a few seconds he comes out of the pool and his friends notice his forehead is bleeding.

As seen in the viral video on YouTube shared by one of those present, it appears that friends tell him he was bleeding on his forehead. He touches himself with one hand and sees the blood, which causes him great dissatisfaction and tries not to be recorded.

However, his stupidity was recorded and was shared on YouTube, where he became the target of ridicule from thousands of viewers.


Source: La Republica