He Died After Falling Off A Cliff While Taking A Selfie: A Year Later, His Parents Share The Photo

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Gavin Paul Zimmerman, 19, was walking through a whale watching spot in Sydney. When distracted with the cell phone, he fell from 10 meters high.

Gavin Paul Zimmerman, a 19-year-old American, had gone on a trip with a group of friends from the church to Sydney, Australia . Excited by the panoramic views of the city, they moved to one of the best-known whale belvederes in the area. But the crossing turned into a tragedy. The teenager was distracted when taking a selfie and fell from 10 meters high . He died instantly when he fell on to the rocks. A year after the accident, his parents published that last photo.

His family decided to travel to the popular cliff to honor him. ” He looked so happy, he had a smile on his face, it seemed like a beautiful day,” they commented, showing the image before the brutal fall.

A few minutes after he took that picture, Gavin sent it to his parents. Noticing that he was not so close to the edge and seeing that there were many people around him, they never imagined that his son was in danger . However, the young man lost his balance and fell into the sea.

The teenager had traveled to Australia in July of last year. After the accident, his friends were shocked and could not locate his body until they called the police desperate.

Immediately, a helicopter moved to the cliff and the group of rescuers found him in the water. When they took him to the mainland, it was too late: Galvin had died instantly.

As soon as the news was confirmed, the young man’s parents published a heartrending message on social networks. “With deep sorrow and broken hearts, we announce that our son is leaving this Earth to return home with his Heavenly Father, he was a great example to all of us, Galvin was a bright light in our lives,” they wrote in shock. 

He Died After Falling Off A Cliff While Taking A Selfie: A Year Later, His Parents Share The Photo


Source: TN International