He Climbs On The Back Of A Huge Crocodile After Feeding Him A Live Chicken (VIDEO & IMAGES)

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A viral video showed the moment when a giant crocodile is fed a live chicken by its keeper in a zoo located in Costa Rica. However, the man wanted to become ‘popular’ by climbing on the back of the ‘beast’ and it happened a disconcerting fact.

The man is seen entering the animal enclosure without any protection measures at the time of feeding. When both characters meet face to face, the huge crocodile seems to be redeeming the wishes of his master, because he realizes that in his hands is a live chicken .

While the man performs a very peculiar dance in the middle of the water enclosure, the crocodile approaches slowly to receive a live chicken and satiate his voracious hunger. The most shocking video is that the crocodile at all times was very calm by the presence of their caregiver, who boasted of the companionship that both starred, but minutes later, the approach became imminent and the unimaginable happened.

With a single pull, the man gave a live chicken to the huge crocodile that patiently waited for his extroverted caregiver and ‘best friend’. However, the scene that left shock to more than one viewer was that the man decided to climb on the back of the ferocious predator as flaunting his good luck.

The indignation of a large number of viewers became evident, as there were those who mentioned that it was not necessary to deliver food to the animal that was still alive; However, there were those who preferred to downplay the fact, stating that it is quite common in a zoo.

Here we leave you with the video, when a crocodile caretaker climbs on the back of the gigantic creature and mounts it as if it were a helpless animal.  

However, this unusual scene would not be possible if both characters had not known each other since memory time. Gilberto Shedden or better known as ” Chito “ was found in 1989 with a dying crocodile on the banks of the Parismina River. The man discovered that the crocodile known as ” Pocho ” had been shot in the left eye by a local farmer who shot him for attempting to attack his cattle. For six months, he provided him with chicken, fish and medicine, slept with him, gave him kisses and hugs.

The death of the animal occurred when Gilberto Shedden “Chito” was thinking of retiring. On October 12, 2011, Pocho died of natural causes, this beautiful specimen was more than 50 years old. The images show the majestic 4-meter crocodile and almost 460 kilograms interacting with its master.

Through several images shared on social media outlets, it was announced that the reptile that had brain damage had adopted a docile and loyal behaviour with this man; however, the presence of another person in the water implied great danger. Look at the incredible photographs here!

He Climbs On The Back Of A Huge Crocodile After Feeding Him A Live Chicken

He Climbs On The Back Of A Huge Crocodile After Feeding Him A Live Chicken

He Climbs On The Back Of A Huge Crocodile After Feeding Him A Live Chicken



Source: La Republica

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