He Catches Strange Sea Creature And Eats It, Without Suspecting Its True Origin [VIDEO]

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A young man recorded in a viral YouTube video the terrifying moment in which he devoured a strange sea creature, without finding out his true identity.

No one imagined it. Thousands of users on YouTube were ‘speechless’ to see how a boy captured a rare sea creature , ate it and did not even find out its origin of the mysterious aquatic animal. The curious finding happened in Norway and the images went viral in Mexico , Spain and the United States.

As detailed by Upsocl, the protagonist of this story that went viral on YouTube is called Oscar Lundahl, a young man who had traveled to Norway to capture a blue halibut , a very rare fish that lives 5 miles from the coast.

The young man was fishing calmly about 800 meters deep, when suddenly he feels he caught something; however, it was not the blue halibut , but a strange sea ​​creature that terrified with its appearance.

“I had four hooks in a line and I felt something quite big at the end. Took me about 30 minutes roll it up because it had more than 2,600 feet deep, “the protagonist of this story on YouTube.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before. It just looked weird, a little like a dinosaur. I didn’t know what it was, but my colleague did,” the boy added.

What this young man had found was a ‘ratfish’, a strange sea ​​creature that is a relative of sharks. This aquatic animal is also a species of dinosaur , since its existence dates back more than 300 million years.

Usually, this strange creature that surprised everyone on YouTube lives in very deep waters, so catching it is very unlikely, although there have been cases.

According to the young man, the strange sea ​​creature could not stand the extreme pressure change and died soon after. Since he didn’t want to waste it, he decided to take it home, where he ate it, which surprised everyone on YouTube.

“Despite its ugly appearance, it was really tasty,” said this young man, who received all kinds of comments on YouTube , some criticize him, while others do not.

If you want to see the look of this strange sea ​​creature that left thousands open on YouTube, then do not hesitate to check our gallery, sliding the main image to the left.


Source: La Republica