He Catches Something Moving In The Water What He Does Next Is Insane! (Sensitive VIDEO)

A tourist on a safari in the African jungle recorded the moment when a hungry jaguar risked his life to enter a crocodile enclosure. 

When the fearsome predator noticed a crocodile lagoon, he risked his life entering the enclosure to hunt his prey, without imagining what would happen. 

In the first minutes of the video, a jaguar appeared observing the water until he noticed the presence of movement  inside a lagoon. Immediately, the feline jumped in to catch his ‘prey’.

“Oh my God, that animal could be attacked by the creatures that were inside the water”, “How impressive is the life of these animals”, “An incredible hunting skill of a jaguar”, were some of the YouTube comments, after seeing the video that has gone viral on social networks.

In the video that the hiker shared, it shows the feline with the crocodile in its teeth carrying into the bushes. 


Source: La Republica