He Catches A Fish And The Fright Of His Life Of What Happened Next (VIDEO)

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The terrifying experience that a man lived in a lake in Florida, USA when he was alone, trying to catch a fish for his dinner. The man caught the eerie moment on video.

The video shows the precise moment when the man slowly approaches the lake while adjusting the hook to hold his catch. However, when he is about to pick it up, a huge gator rushes out of the water straight at him to attack!

The images reveal the disturbing moment when the man bends down to catch the fish he had captured without imagining that a large crocodile would approach dangerously to try and snatch his fish.

The animal surprised the fisherman as it emerged from the water rapidly with its jaws open, towards his hand, with which he tried to collect the fish he had captured.

Fortunately, the man manages to react quickly, and gets out of being caught by the furious animal, which, to his surprise, stays still in the same place, waiting, perhaps, for the fisherman to approach him to attack him.

“When I reeled the fish up on to land, a crocodile that was an the bottom of the water took me by surprise”, described the man, which has unleashed various reactions among Internet users.


Source: La Republica