He Captures a Giant Squid, Opens it and Decides to Eat it Raw [VIDEO]

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A Japanese that calls himself “the destroyer” is generating astonishment on YouTube for a viral video that shows how it opens a giant calming and then eat it raw.

Would you eat a giant squid just to meet a challenge? An Asian man did it at the request of his YouTube followers, as seen in his video that he shared on the platform where it has now become viral . The Japanese decided to show his fans how to open the huge creature and cut it into pieces to eat it raw.

In the YouTube images that are generating amazement, the young man is appreciated explaining to the camera how to detect a good giant squid. The viral video already adds millions of reproductions in the social network.

The youtuber that is dedicated to the exotic Japanese gastronomy showed in its YouTube channel how to judge a good squid, for it decided to choose the largest marine creature that you will find in the market.

Generally, in Asian countries, people choose living marine animals that want to take them home, they are displayed in fountains, pools, and other reservoirs. In the viral video you can see that the young man has already selected the species that will cook at the request of his followers.

The giant squid that appears on the table of this YouTube record was captured on the northern coast of Japan and measures approximately one and a half meters long and 60 centimeters in diameter.

The young cook opened the interior of the sea ​​creature and discovered a plate of cartilage, which he removed to be able to clean the cavity of the animal. When he managed to clean all the parts of the squid, the boy cut in sheets and cubes the skin of his prey, as seen in the viral video.

After several minutes of cleaning, the Japanese decided to eat raw the body of the squid bathed in a little soy sauce. The challenge that his followers did was fulfilled, and in the strangest way.

The curious record has impacted on YouTube , so far the clip has 6 million views and 70 thousand “likes”. Some users applauded the boy’s risky action, while others were outraged to see him.