He Bates Him, Lures Him In, Then Captures Him With His Bare Hands

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The video shows the moment when a man was attacked by a fierce fish when he held a small fish above the top of the water became viral.

This scary clip has left viewers speechless, because it reveals the moment in which a huge fish emerges from the depths of the sea to grab the bate right from the man’s hand.

In this case, a fish was the victim of a man who’s intention was to lure in the fish with his bare hands. In the first seconds of the video you can see how a man takes a small fish in his hand and holds it above the water, trying to get the attention of the fish swimming below him, at that moment a huge fish comes out of the water and latches onto his forearm.

The first thing the giant fish does is fight his hardest to not be removed from the sea. The man keeps a grip on him with all his strength, but all his attempts are in vain, since he does not let go.

In the following moments of the viral video of Facebook you can see how the people around try to help the man of the unusual event, but the fish stands firm and does not leave the young man’s arm.

Finally, the man manages to get away from the creature and is unharmed. The peculiar fact became a trend in Facebook and other social networks causing thousands of users to have all kinds of reactions.

Some of the most prominent comments of the publication were: “Poor man, could have been hurt, luckily he managed to free himself”, “What a huge creature, I always feed the fish, now I’ll think twice”, between others.


Source: La Republica