He Almost Lost An Arm When Trying To Catch His Lunch That Jumped in the Toilet

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His eagerness to eat fish almost ends in tragedy after one of the fish he caught jumped into the toilet looking to escape. It all happened in China.

This is an example that reminds us where we do NOT have to put our hands. A man with little luck in China almost lost one of his arms by putting it in a pipe to retrieve a fish that had jumped in to escape. 

The incident took place in the Chinese city of Xiangyang, located in the province of Hubei. 

The young man told the local media how one of the fish that he was carrying for lunch had jumped into the toilet in a last attempt to not being cooked and his decision to reach in to try to recover it.

He was slowly putting his whole arm in and when he wanted to pull it out, he couldn’t. His cries alarmed the neighbours, and they called the firemen. They had to break the entire surface of the toilet with a hammer and drill to release it.

The unfortunate man remains lying down with his arm stuck and unable to move, while several firefighters work hard around him.

The man was finally able to be released, but the fate of the fish is unknown. Local media recalled that this is not the first case of Asian traffic jams in the toilet, but it seems something that is repeated frequently.

Last May a man’s arm was trapped in southeastern China and firefighters had to use detergent to release it. Last April a woman put her foot in a toilet. That time, the rescuers used cooking oil.


Source: El Comercio