He Almost Couldn’t Swim Fast Enough To Escape His Death From What Was Chasing Him (VIDEO)

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A video shows the moment when a hungry crocodile chased a man who was swimming in a river, the swimmer swam desperately knowing that the crocodile was just meters from devouring him.

The ravenous predator noticed a swimmer, who mistakenly entered an inhospitable river in Mexico. This has generated fear into viewers of the video.

A tourist who ventured through Mexico, was terrified to encounter a chilling fact, a man challenged danger by entering an uninhabited river that had a “dangerous zone” sign because inside lived the predators.

When the swimmer entered the fresh water, the huge crocodile appeared cautiously and with the calculated movements behind him. This fact was recorded from the Boca Paila bridge in Sian Ka’an in Mexico, as said in the description of the publication .

The spectators, who looked horrified at the swimmer and the predator, intervened by throwing objects at the creature to stop it in it’s path. However, the huge hungry animal continued its journey in the direction of its ‘prey’.

Finally, the video shows the journey that the young man made in the water. Witnesses have indicated that the man managed to come to the surface and save his life. 


Source: La Republica